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Interview and Giveaway!

Interview and Giveaway! I'm honored to be the first author of the month on A Dirty Book Affair! Stop by for your chance to win some of my books. Your choice, YA or Historical adult romance!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Release day! To Capture a Rake!

For some of you it has been a long, long wait, but Gideon's story is finally out! To Capture a Rake, book 2 in the Seduction Series, has arrived! Interested? Read the blurb below!
In all his time as a male prostitute at Lavender Hills, Gideon Drake has never been hired out, never been allowed to leave the gilded cage in which he pleasures the well-heeled wives of London. So when a young widow convinces Lady Lavender to release her prize stud for a week-long seduction at a country estate, Gideon spies his chance for escape. It is the perfect plan—until his beautiful client reawakens a passion he thought long dead…
After her husband’s death, Elizabeth Ashton knows she must remarry, but not just any man will do. She must find Lord Ashton’s long-lost bastard nephew and convince him to wed, cementing his claim to the family fortune. Of course, rescuing herself from certain ruin means venturing into Lavender Hills and putting her life into the hands of a dark, handsome rogue as notorious for his cold heart as he is for his sexual expertise. Somehow, Elizabeth must convince him to love her, to marry her, and ultimately to save her.
One touch will ignite the flame of their passion. One kiss will prove this liaison unlike the others. Bound by desire and need, only together are they strong enough to face down their enemies—and to claim the promise of love.

I love this review on Amazon by Amy:

"I enjoy a good romance story from time to time, but I'm always frustrated by the fact that you can guess the ending from about the second chapter. I was pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns in "To Capture a Rake". The main story line (the romance) went as expected, but the mysteries along the way kept my attention. I don't want to give the story away, but it suffices to say, I was surprised by two different developments in the story.

This is a big step outside my normal genre of Christian fiction, and I very much enjoyed it. That said, this is not a book I'd leave lying around for my daughter to peek at-- it's definitely adult material.

Disclosure: I received an Advance Reader's Copy of this book in exchange for posting my honest review."

This is the second book in the series but you can read it on it's own. Read below for a list of the books in the series.

Book 1: To Seduce an Earl (available now!) 

Book 2: To Capture a Rake (available now!)

Book 3: To Please a Lady (coming out in November!)

P.S. These books are for 18 and up!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sneak Peek! Make Me a Match!

               Check out a sneak peek of my next YA Paranormal, coming Spring/Summer of 2013!

                                      Make Me A Match

                                    Chapter 1

 “Come on. Make your move, you jerk.”

For three freaking weeks I’d been watching him. Three freaking weeks I’d been forced to shadow his every dull move…spying on some pathetic man’s life in order to get that one photo opportunity that would pay next month’s rent.

It’d never bothered me before, why now did I feel so frustrated with my life?

I sighed and lowered the camera. Spying was way less fun than people made it seem, especially when it revolved around watching from the shrubbery while perverted men tried to pick up women half their age. No cloaks and daggers for me. No running for my life through narrow European alleys. Certainly no mysterious, hot men coming to my rescue.

“Emma! Emma! I have the telephoto lens.” Lizzie’s voice carried easily across the parking lot, no doubt drawing the attention of the numerous patrons who were enjoying the outside deck…including the man we were spying on.  

I glared over my shoulder. “God, Lizzie.” I pressed my finger to my lips. “What part of incognito don’t you understand?”

My sister frowned, tottering as she climbed over the curb and stepped into the pea gravel that surrounded the Lilacs and Azaleas. She handed me the lens. “Sorry. You’re in a mood.”

A deck with tables took advantage of the lake view while Bob Marley played on outdoor speakers. Our target was currently reclining in a bamboo framed chair, bobbing his head in time to the music but his gaze, oh yes, his gaze remained focused on that bar.

“Did anyone see me?” Lizzie asked, smoothing down her white, pencil skirt and kneeling carefully.

I’d been hiding in front of the pub for an hour now, waiting for our target to make his move and Lizzie had almost blown my cover in the mere five minutes since she’d arrived. “I don’t know, but they will if you don’t get down.”

Lizzie dropped to her knees, grimacing when the gravel bit into her tender flesh. “He looks pretty normal for a cheater.”

“Don’t they all,” I mumbled, wondering what my sister had been thinking by wearing a skirt and heels to a stakeout.

But Lizzie was a novice. Beyond a novice. She’d never make it as a spy. She was too naïve, too innocent. Hell, she read romance novels for God’s sake. The first thing the business taught a person was that the idea of true love was a ridiculous myth that housewives clung to in order to give meaning to their mundane lives. Yep, they clung to the idea until I arrived, camera in hand, to show them just how in love their husbands were…with the maid, the neighbor, the wife’s best friend, and the woman twenty years younger that they’d met at a bar.

The target looked our way. “Get down!”

Lizzie dropped to her belly with a grunt, half falling into the Lilac bush we were hiding behind. The purple blooms rattled in protest, sending their overwhelming perfume through the warm evening air. She might as well have waved a white flag, proclaiming our location. I closed my eyes and sighed. Counting to twenty helped…sometimes.

It was a family business, one I wasn’t ready to give up on. I might have inherited my maternal grandfather’s sleuthing ways, but not Lizzie. One thing was certain, Lizzie would never be a PI. Not like me. Nope, I was made to crush the hopes and dreams of couples in love. I suppose I reveled in it. And yeah, I might have even thrived in proving to women that men were nothing but jerks. Attractive jerks, jerks I occasionally wanted to kiss, but jerks all the same.

“Stay still,” I whispered.

Lizzie nodded, her auburn ponytail wavering back and forth.

I looked in disgust at Lizzie’s outfit. While I preferred darker, earthy colors, Lizzie liked to sparkle. She’d worn a brilliant pink t-shirt that clashed with her red hair. So much for blending in. She flittered from friend to friend, from boyfriend to boyfriend, like a clueless butterfly.

When I was younger, I’d envied my sister’s ease at conversation and making friends. While she’d been liked by all, I’d always been the quiet, good girl overlooked. The girl who’d had too much responsibility taking care of her little sister and a depressed mother to attend basketball games and pep rallies. And now, hell, I was seventeen and had only been on a handful of dates.

But the past was the past. There was no use dwelling. Pushing aside my depressing thoughts, I looked through the lens of my camera watching Kelly make her move. It didn’t take much, with a rack like hers the buxom blonde had only to give a small smile and they’d come running like dog’s in heat. I’d found the girl working in a strip club and Kelly had been only too eager to leave the smoky joint.

The former stripper gave a little toss of her head, her long blonde locks shimmering under the setting sun. I was pretty sure Kelly loved taking down the same sort of slime balls she’d been forced to endure for five years of her adult life.

“The man in the blue button up,” I said into the tiny microphone pinned to the lapel of my jacket. “Looking your way now.”

Kelly gave a discreet nod and glanced over her shoulder toward their target. There it was… the smile. He hadn’t a chance. He surged from his chair, his eagerness almost tangible. With an arrogance that belied his thinning hair and middle age paunch, he sauntered toward Kelly.

He had money. That was obvious by the clothing he wore and the Jag he drove. And people with money thought they were gods. If I’d learned anything during my tumultuous teenage years, it had been that rich people especially believed they could get away with all. He leaned against the bar, his string of drool practically sliding down Kelly’s cleavage.

“You come here often?” came through my earpiece.

I snorted and stretched out upon my belly to get a better angle. Seriously? The man had made millions in the stock market and that was the best line he could come up with? I almost felt sorry for him…almost. I settled my elbows into the gravel, thankful for the leather jacket I wore, even if it was a good eighty degrees out.

I needed that money shot, the photo his wife could use to take him for everything he owned and with Kelly’s good looks, and his neediness, it wouldn’t take long. Once I got that shot, I could go home, soak in a tub, and forget for a short while the heartache I witnessed every day. It was, undoubtedly, the worst part of the mission, handing that picture to the wife, proof that her husband wasn’t the man she thought she’d married. I shook aside the thought. Besides, the check they’d write afterward made up for my unease. At least that’s what I told myself.  

A soft breeze blew in from Lake Michigan, sending small purple blooms raining through the air. Perhaps I’d go to the beach for a bit. When I was lying in the sand, my eyes half-closed, I could pretend I was on the Mediterranean. Kelly giggled at something the man said. I barely paid attention. I’d get it all on tape and go over it later. I was good at my job. The best. Grandpa would be proud, although I doubted he’d appreciate our newest client list…cheating men. But you had to make money anyway you could. And we definitely needed the money.

Still, lately I’d found my mind drifting, my attention wavering. Although the family business was as busy as ever, life seemed…lacking. I needed a vacation. A little time to recoup. Heck, I needed an actual life. I might not be able to afford the Mediterranean, but maybe I could talk Lizzie into driving to Florida.

He leaned closer, resting a possessive hand on Kelly’s thigh. I smiled and clicked. “Perfect. Now give me just a little more.”

“Is he going to kiss her?” Lizzie whispered, peering through the branches.

“Shhhh,” I hissed.

He leaned in, whispering nauseating nothings into Kelly’s ear. Click. I tried not to gag. How Kelly could allow these men to paw her, I hadn’t the slightest.

“You know,” Lizzie whispered. “You should totally be the decoy. A little makeup, put some gel in your hair…”

I resisted the urge to sigh. “Lizzie please, like I want those guys pawing me. As if to prove my point the man leaned toward Kelly, his hand cupping the side of her face. Click. Click. “Yes, there we go. Kiss her, you sick freak.”

“You know, it worries me how thrilled you are when you take these men down.”

I frowned. “Why shouldn’t I be? These men lie to their wives, they should be destroyed. Arrogant asses who think they can get away with anything.”

“Yeah, but it’s totally clouding your aura.”

I rolled my eyes. At times I wasn’t sure if my sister was being serious or not. I hoped she was joking. I shook my head and refocused on Kelly. The target was leaning in close. So close. Here came the money shot. The thrill of victory coursed bitterly sweet through my veins as I knew deep down that my win was someone else’s loss. He leaned closer, I held my breath.

“Excuse me,” a refined British voice called out from behind me.

I froze. Crap. Perhaps if I ignored him, he’d go away. Frantically, I continued to push that button, click, click, click, attempting to get the money shot before this man ruined everything. “The owner knows me. I have permission to be on his property.”

Which was true, sort of. I’d had permission last year, before someone had complained.  

I pushed the button again. Click. Mentally I urged the target to move closer to Kelly. Come on, come on. Why wasn’t he kissing her? She was totally kissable!

“Uh, no,” the guy insisted. “You’ve misunderstood.”

Lizzie nudged me in the arm, pushing me off balance and making me drop the camera a few inches. I sighed and glanced over my shoulder intending to give the man a piece of my mind. But his polished dress shoes momentarily surprised me into silence. My gaze moved from his feet up to his pressed, slate trousers, further to his jacket and vest, complete with pristine white shirt underneath.

Lounge and beach wear were the norm here. Even the millionaires who visited from Chicago wore their Hawaiian shirts, attempting their best imitation of Jimmy Buffet. What Ivy League college had this man crawled from and why the heck was he here in Podunk, Michigan?

“I’m busy.”

He cleared his throat, shifting the brief case from his right hand to his left. “It’s important.”  

Nineteen or twenty with a briefcase? Weird. Maybe he was older than I first guessed. He was tall and had nice, large, strong hands. A workman’s hands that belied his businessman attire. Curious, I couldn’t help but lift my gaze to his face. Square, smooth jaw. Firm lips. Sunlight glinted off of blond hair, trimmed neatly and parted perfectly to the side. Wire rimmed glasses over green eyes. My gaze jumped back to his. No, not just green. Intensely green. My heart squeezed, jumping slightly in surprise. If he lost the glasses and suit, he’d have women eating out of his hands.

He was a total hot nerd. Like a blond Clark Kent. I’d always had a thing for super heroes. I rolled back to my belly, intent on ignoring the man and more importantly, intent on ignoring the heat swirling low in my belly.

Had Louie gotten a new manager? He was certainly taking his position rather seriously if his suit was any indication. The former manager’s idea of dress clothing was an unstained wife-beater and jeans.

“Emma!” Lizzie cried out. “He’s kissing her!”

“Shoot!” I lifted the camera and started clicking before I’d even focused on the target. Sure enough, the man was pressing his mouth along Kelly’s fragile jaw. Dang, I should have been paying attention. I could have missed the shot and the paycheck, and all because of a guy with brilliant green eyes.

“You are Ms. Emma Watts?” the English man behind me persisted.

I didn’t dare look back, or stop pushing that camera button, afraid he’d draw my attention away from my goal. “Maybe.”

“I have something for you. Papers and…such.”

Papers. Man wearing a suit.

Realization hit like a punch to the gut. I should have known. A freaking lawyer. I jerked around, looking up at him. Grandpa had been sued more than once. “You’ve got the wrong person…”

“Your aunt has died,” he said, ignoring my protest.

Relief was sweet. Not getting sued. Thank God. Although Grandpa always won the cases, it had taken time and money I didn’t have. As the relief gave way, curiosity settled in. Aunt? As far as I knew, I didn’t have an aunt. “Like I said, wrong person. So either leave, or get down. You’re blowing my cover.”

He frowned, looking more than annoyed, but finally knelt beside me. The warm scent of spice and male swirled through the air, momentarily interrupting my concentration. Visiting bars and seedy motels, I’d hung around men who barely bathed. I’d forgotten what a clean man smelled like.

“As I said, your aunt Clarice has died.”

Lord, his eyes were even more intense up close. A brilliant green, like moss after a spring shower. I shook my head. Pretty soon I’d be spouting poetry. I never should have snuck a peak at Lizzie’s latest romance novel.  

“We don’t know an Aunt Clarice,” Lizzie replied for her, giving the man a brilliant smile. A smile that sent plenty of males panting to their knees. Sure enough, the man gave her a hesitant smile back.

Annoyed with their little display of mutual flirtation, I looked away. It had been the same when we were teens. Even though she was younger, guys always fell for Lizzie’s innocent and charming personality. I supposed it didn’t hurt that Lizzie was as hot as a super model with a body straight from a Victoria Secret’s Catalogue.   

“She came from your father’s side,” he explained.

“Figures.” Ire fought with surprise. As much as I wanted to know what the heck was going on, my pride wouldn’t allow me to ask questions. I wanted nothing to do with my father, the man who’d abandoned us years ago for his secretary. How cliché. And I sure as heck wanted nothing to do with his family, a family who hadn’t even deemed it important to send a birthday card once in awhile.

“She’s left you something.” His warm breath brushed across the back of my neck, stirring the loose tendrils that had escaped my braid.

I shivered, an unwelcome response to his nearness. When was the last time I’d been really interested in a guy?  

“Oh my God!” Lizzie cried out. “What’d she leave her?”

Curious, I glanced over my shoulder. “Money?” 

He frowned as if finding talk about money vulgar. Typical snob. “No.”

“Can I sell it for money?” I asked just to annoy him, and it worked.

He sighed, obviously exasperated. “Well, not exactly.”

I turned back around, intent on getting my shot so I could head home. “Then I’m not interested.”

How had this man found me anyway? I did as much as possible to keep my address a secret, not wanting to incur the retaliation of some jaded husband.

Kelly was smiling at the target, leaning into him a little too desperately. Was he pulling back? I should have been coaching her, not thinking about my father, now of all times. How dare his family leave me something. I wanted to shove whatever it was down their throats and hope they choked on it. I wanted to tell them to go to hell. I didn’t need anything from my father’s family…ever.

“Emma,” Lizzie hissed. “You’re being rude.”

I glared at Lizzie. Had my sister forgotten how our father’s family had ignored us when we’d needed support the most?

The man sighed. “Ms. Watts, I don’t think you understand.”

I turned around once more, my anger flaring. “Oh, I understand completely. You don’t seem to though, so let me make it clear. I want nothing from the family who abandoned us when my father left. I want nothing from the family who never called, not even sent a card. Do you understand now, Mr…”

I didn’t have his name. My rant would have been so much more effective if I’d had his name. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. There was a bump there, as if his nose had been broken during a fight. I doubted this suit had fought anyone, unless it had been bullies picking on him in school.

“Owen Emerson. I’m Mr. Emerson.”

“Wonderful to meet you, Mr. Emerson,” I sneered. “Whatever it is my aunt left me, give it to charity. Now, please leave so I can do my job.”

His annoyed gaze flickered to Kelly, then back to me. I could imagine what he thought off my “job.” The look of disgust was plainly written across his handsome face. “Ms. Watts, please listen to me. I can’t give this gift away. It’s quite… impossible.”

I admitted, if only to myself that I liked the way his voice sounded, smooth and lyrical. I completely understood why women so easily fell for an accent. Yes, his accent was hot, and I hated myself for thinking so.

“Nothing’s impossible, Mr. Emerson.”

“Eh, yes.” He hesitated, rubbing the back of his neck. “Of course, but in this case, there is no possible way to give away this gift.”

“Really?” Lizzie asked, butting her nose into the conversation. “I’m Lizzie, by the way.”

They shook hands like the best of friends. “Nice to meet you.”

“So what do you mean,” Lizzie asked, “Why can’t you give the gift away?”

He looked down briefly, staring at the gravel as unease tightened the features of his face. “Well, I suppose that’s not entirely correct. Perhaps there is one way to dispose of this gift.”

“Yeah?” I prompted, resting my camera on my knees.

“Death.” He looked up at us, those green eyes shimmering with sincerity. “The only way to get rid of this gift is by death.”

Lizzie’s gaze went wide, a look of pure horror, or was that excitement, crossing her perfect features? My sister did love drama. “Death?” she whispered.

I sat upright and laughed. He looked so serious that I couldn’t help myself. “What, exactly, is this supposed gift?”

“Emma,” Lizzie interrupted, nudging me in the side. “The target’s looking this way!”

I jerked my head toward Kelly. The man watched us, frowning, while Kelly tried desperately to regain his attention, even so much as shoving her breasts in his face.

“Crap!” I grabbed a fist full of Owen’s shirt and jerked him downward. He landed with a thud half atop me. Lizzie had somehow managed to crawl under the Lilac. But I was barely aware of my sister. No, I could only seem to focus on the man above me, the man whose body was pressed to mine.

“Ms. Watts, this is quite inappropriate,” he hissed.

I would have laughed at his outrage, if I hadn’t been offended. I was a healthy, attractive female and he was complaining? Was he gay? The hot ones always were. Or was Lizzie right? Did I need a makeover that badly? I shifted, attempting to put distance between us, but the movement only brought us more fully together.   

“Dear God.” He started to rise, but frantically I grabbed him, using my weight to hold him to me. “Lizzie, is the target still looking?”

“I don’t know.” She crawled out from beneath the bush and peeked between the branches. “Oh no.”

I stiffened. “What?”

“He’s coming!”

Just at that moment I heard “Abort!” in my ear piece.

“Crap.” I released my hold and shoved my palms into Owen’s hard chest. He didn’t budge. “Move, man!”  

He quirked a golden brow in an imperious way that annoyed the heck out of me. “What, now you want me to get up?”

“Don’t be difficult!”

With a glare, he jumped to his feet in a fluid, easy movement I couldn’t help but admire. Almost like one who had studied the martial arts. But I didn’t have time to contemplate that little suspicion. I was much less graceful as I scrambled to my feet.

“You!” I heard someone scream behind me.

“He sounds angry,” Lizzie stated the obvious as she stumbled to her feet.

“Crap, crap, crap.” I snatched my camera from the ground. “Run, Lizzie!”

I didn’t bother to look back. I could hear the target huffing toward us. I wasn’t worried about Kelly. She knew to leave and regroup at the apartment later. But Lizzie was stumbling over her own feet, thanks to her ridiculously high heels.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” The man screamed. “Did that witch put you up to this? I’ll sue you! I’ll call the police!”

People were staring, turning to look toward us. My cover was totally blown. It sure as heck wasn’t good for business to be seen. I jumped over the curb and onto the drive.

“Ms. Watts, we really need to talk,” Owen called out.

I latched onto Lizzie’s arm and dragged my sister across the parking lot. “I’m not interested, Mr. Emerson.”

I dared to glance back. Owen was merely standing there, looking just as put together as when he’d arrived. Not a speck of dirt marred his suit, not a hair out of place.

“Whatever it is, I don’t want it,” I added.
With that said, I turned back around and raced across the parking lot toward our beat-up Toyota. As I climbed inside and pulled out of the drive I couldn’t shake the bad, bad feeling that this wasn’t the last time I’d see Owen Emerson.

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Free Podcast of The Art of Seduction!

A few months back Amanda McCall emailed to ask if she could turn my historical romance, The Art of Seduction (a short story) into a podcast! I readily agreed and its now up on her awesome site, RomPod, read by Amanda in her equally awesome accent.

You can head to the site to download it for free, and listen to other short stories as well!

P.S. This historical romance is for 18 and up! Rated R!

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Giveaway on Magical Musings!

I'm on magical musings today and giving away a book on cd of To Seduce an Earl! Stop by for a chance to win.

I've also posted the rough draft, first chapter of Nora's Novella (The Mind Readers) on my facebook page!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winners of To Seduce an Earl

The 3 winners of a printed copy of To Seduce an Earl are...

christina roberts



Please send me an email with your mailing address!

In other news...
I've heard word from Amazon that book two, To Capture a Rake (Gideon's story) will be out in June!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone! Take care!

P.S. All winners from all other blogs have been contacted :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Relaunch of To Seduce an Earl

As you may or may not know...

Last spring Amazon's publishing branch Montlake purchased the rights for To Seduce an Earl and the two books that will follow. Today is the relaunch of To Seduce an Earl!

When I wrote this book is was a rather unique story for me. I'm the kind of author that tends to have a lot of action in my books and external struggle. To Seduce an Earl was the first book I wrote that focused more on emotion, or the internal. Yes, the book is rather unique in that its about male prostitutes in Victorian England, but I wanted to make sure it had some emotional realism to it. I was greatly relieved when I got this review from The Season:

“Brighton perfectly captures the detachment sex workers develop to cope with their lives (yes, my day job as a social worker recognized this right away).” — The Season

That wasn't the only great review. I was lucky enough to get a review from the highly esteemed Library Journal as well:

“An original story line, well-developed characters, and a plot-full of …sexual intrigue…Fans of Johanna Lindsey will enjoy this work”– Library Journal.

As Johanna Lindsey has always been a favorite, I was thrilled with this review!

There will be two more books in the series, the second coming out sometime in the spring. For now I'm giving away 3 signed copies of the paperback! Just leave a comment. And if you'd like another chance to win, I'm giving away 3 more copies over at Magical Musings!  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mind Readers Short Story Info

I've had a few questions about the short story I'll be working on for the Mind Readers. Honestly, I have decided very little at this point as I'm super busy at work on a historical romance. But what I can tell you is that it will be 99 cents and will be in Nora's pov. And yes...Maddox will be in the story as well. As for when it will be released, I don't know! Probably not until spring of 2013.

P.S. Sorry if I haven't gotten back to you, I've been ridiculously busy :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Release Date!

The week of Sept 17th is when The Mind Games will be available! That's right, I'm giving you a date! Although because it takes anywhere from a day to a week for different places to publish the book, I can't give you a specific day. You'll be able to find the 3rd book in the Mind Readers series on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Apple Itunes!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Mind Game Excerpt

I'm still hard at work getting book 3 of the Mind Readers ready. I'm hoping for a mid Sept release, in case you're wondering. I know some of you are eager to read book 3 and so as a little treat, I have another excerpt! It's not long, but hope you enjoy!

“Where is he?” I demanded.

Maddox glanced at Lewis’ empty cell, his face revealing no emotion. “He’s gone.”

“Gone where?” I jumped to my feet, stumbling as the room spun. He started to reach for me, but I jerked back. I didn’t want him to touch me, couldn’t stand for him to put his hands on me.

With a sigh of frustration, he moved away and paced the small space. It was then that I noticed Maddox wore a dark suit, an expensive suit, and the memory of the party at the compound came back to haunt me. Maddox, the Maddox I thought I had known. How could he do this to me?

He dragged his fingers through his hair. “Why? Why the hell did you return?”

“You know why!” I sank onto my cot and covered my face with my hands, too exhausted to deal with him now. The sleep deprivation was driving me insane. My skin itched, my insides were numb, my head muddled.

“Yeah, I do know why, to save your boyfriend. Problem is he’s worse off now!”

I jerked upright. “What do you mean?”

He flung his arms wide. “Where do you think he is? Getting a freaking massage and seaweed wrap? You think they’re not going to use him to get to you?”  

I shivered. I believed him, but I also didn’t dare trust him. There had to be a reason why he was spilling his guts, and I didn’t believe for a second that he cared. “You’re just trying to scare me.” I surged to my feet. “I know they’ve got cameras on us. I know they can hear everything you say. You’re just saying this to frighten me, and get what you want.”

He stepped closer, seething. “Yeah, they now know I’ve told you, but I’m only here to warn you, nothing more. I’m telling you because at one time we were friends.”

“Yeah, great friends who betray each other. Just like you and Nora, huh?”

He actually flinched at the comment, and I wondered for a brief moment if he still cared about her.

“At one time we might have been friends, but no longer. I trust you as much as I trust my dad.”

He shook his head. “You won’t listen to reason, but you’ll see soon enough.”

        Without another word, he turned and opened the cell door. I wanted to call out to him, to beg him to help us, but my pride wouldn’t allow it. He locked the door behind him, and left. I waited…waited until his heavy footsteps fell silent and the corridor went empty.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Info on The Mind Games

Okay, you all keep asking for information on Mind Readers book 3, so I'll tell you what I can about The Mind Games:

- It will be out (hopefully) around Mid Sept.
-It will be around the same length as the other two books, maybe a little bit longer.
-It will be $2.99
-You'll be able to download it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Itunes.
-The beginning will be about Cameron and her newfound family; focusing on Cameron, her mother and Nora.
-Someone will die!!!!!
-It is the last book in the series, but there will be a short story in Nors'a POV; I have no idea when it will be released.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Mind Games Cover!

I'm still hard at work on The Mind Games and still planning on releasing the book in September. But until then, I'm going to share the cover with you... done by the wonderful Harris Channing!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Trading Cards... maybe

So, the place where I ordered my trading cards sent them via UPS. UPS left them on our front stoop in rainy weather. In other words they were destroyed. I'm trying to work with the trading card company to get UPS to refund, but everyone is being very confusing and unhelpful at the trading card company. In other words, I now have no idea when I will get new cards. I may have to find a new card company. Will let you all know when I get some new ones!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trading Cards!

I've gotten a few emails from readers asking for a bookmark, poster, something to go along with The Mind Readers Series. 

I finally have something.... trading cards! It's a big thing right now in the romance community and readers have been collecting them for awhile. As of now I have two cards; one representing Cameron and one for Nora.

Here's the thing... I can't mail them to everyone. I'd go bankrupt by postage alone!
How can you get them?

Check my Facebook and Blog. Periodically I'll be doing contests and giving away the cards. All you'll have to do is leave your name in the comments section.

As for contests... we'll start it off now! Leave your name if you'd like to be entered to win a trading card of Cameron and Nora (that's two cards). I'll pick three winners!

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P.S. These cards are small, 2.5 x 3.5

Here's the front of both cards:

And these are the backs:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unedited Excerpt: The Mind Games!

      “You sure you don’t want me to go through that gate with you?” Nora asked, her fingers tight around the steering wheel. I wasn’t the only one nervous.  
The car bounced along the road, making my already upset stomach clench. “Yeah, I think it will be better if I go alone. Fewer people to worry about.”

She nodded. “When I drop you off, head through the woods. When they come after you, run. Make it look like you’re trying to evade capture.”

She slowed the car and my pulse kicked up a notch. “Got it.”

“You can trick them for a while…until they break into your mind.” She sighed. “Once that happens…”

“My secrets will be out.”

All our secrets.”

I wondered if she was having second thoughts. “I’ll escape before it gets that far.”

“Make sure you do.”

She turned off the car, the headlights going dark. We sat in silence for one long moment. The evening felt heavy, oppressing. The sun had set, sending the forest into ghostly shadows so a person couldn’t tell tree from man.

“You’ll head three miles in,” Nora whispered, as if afraid of being overheard. “Keep northwest.”

I nodded and slipped my hand into my pocket, the metal compass reassuring against my fingertips.

“You’ll hit a stream about half a mile before you’ll reach the fence.”

I took in a deep shaky breath. “Got it.”

She turned toward me, her face barely visible in the dark. “You remember our meeting place?”

I nodded. Nothing else to say, no reason to wait. With trembling hands, shoved my door wide.

“If I’m not there, I’ve been captured,” she warned. “Head straight to Savannah.”

I stepped from the car, my knees practically buckling as my feet hit the dirt. “Understood.” I slung my backpack over my shoulders and started toward the side of the road.

“Cameron,” Nora called out.

I paused at the bumper. “Yeah?”

“Be careful.”

I nodded and started for the trees. The car roared to life, the flash of headlights bouncing down the road as Nora took off. For a long moment, I watched her go. Watched until the headlights disappeared and the silence of night settled around me.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I'm doing a giveaway! Haven't had one in awhile and never for a YA audience. Of course anyone can enter, male or female, YA or Adult!

At the beginning of summer we went to Disney World. Yeah, fairy tales and happily ever after... I'm a romance writer, it's not surprising I love Disney World! This giveaway is all about Disney and princesses!

So what am I giving away?

-A small vinyl/plastic Mickey Mouse bag. (see top left)
-A small button pin (see top right)
-A Cinderella Keychain (see bottom left)
-Gummi Mickeys (see bottom right)
-A hardback copy of The Selection by Kiera Cass (a book about princesses; haven't read it, but it sounds good!)
-And a small tiara which you can wear while eating your candy and reading your book (see bottom right).

Just leave your name in the comment section and your email addy so I can get ahold of you! I'll pick 1 winner in a week or so. Countries outside the U.S. are welcome!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Do I Curse in my YAs?

Recently a reader emailed me asking why I cursed in my YA books when she didn't think it was needed. I have had about 3 emails asking me the same thing. Keep in mind, this is 3 out of about 2000 emails I've gotten about The Mind Readers books. As I replied to the readers email, I realized I should just go ahead and post it, that way you can all understand, in case you've been wondering. So if you're interested, its below :)

I'm glad you've enjoyed the series, but sorry you didn't appreciate the cursing. There are a variety of reasons my characters curse. I'll warn you, this is going to be long, but you asked for it :)

 -As an author I think its my responsibility to add realism to books; readers have to relate in some way. Your niece and her friends might not, but most teens curse. Keep in mind my characters are 17-21 in age. My characters are, at times, running for their lives and as a reader I'd find it ridiculous and unrealistic if they said something like "darn" while in a life or death situation.

-I don't think cursing is a big deal. There are incredibly horrific things that happen in this world and I think that a teen saying a few minor curse words is the least of our worries. The other day I asked my cousin if the movie The Avengers was okay to take my son to. I said, "fighting is okay, but not kissing." As soon as I said the words I realized how ridiculous they were. It's okay if my son watches people hurt each other, but a kiss isn't to be seen? I think in this world we need to get our priorities straight and as I said, a few minor curse words, imo, are not a big deal. Of course I don't expect teens to curse in public places, such as while I'm eating in a restaurant, but that has more to do with respecting other patrons than religion or beliefs.

-Cursing is a cultural thing. Some of the curse words we use weren't even used in the biblical era. They are words that some man or woman in modern times decided was wrong and banned. For instance before the Medieval era the word Bitch literally meant a female dog and still does in some places. So who in the world decided it was wrong? I'm not saying I use the word, but what I'm saying is that you can't use the Bible to argue about curse words because some of them just didn't exist at that time and some of them don't exist in other cultures even today.

To be completely blunt what it boils down to is, as I said, it's not something that concerns me nor does it concern the majority of my readers. There are things like child molesters, sex trafficking, starvation, drug abuse that concern me much much more than whether someone is cursing.

If I changed my book for every person and every religion out there, the book would be a ridiculous combination of plots and conversations that wouldn't be my own. I just read a book by another YA author and her characters drank beer. That's something at this point I'd never do in a YA book. It has nothing to do with my religious beliefs but with my childhood. I grew up with an alcoholic father. In other words, its because of my own ideals and my own background and I certainly don't judge her; I don't think its my right to judge her. She did what was right for her and her book and her beliefs.

I started out as a writer for adults. My adult books are romance. They're not erotic, but they are R rated, so for me the YA series is certainly toned down.

I'll tell you something I haven't told anyone else, all of my books have messages. Sometimes readers get them, sometimes they don't. I wrote an adult historical romance called To Seduce an Earl. Some people might read that books, see the cursing and the sex and think its a horrible book that should be banned. And that would be too bad because the book is actually about finding redemption and forgiving yourself, even people who have done horrible things. In other words instead of looking at minor things like cursing, it might be better to look at the overall message of the books.

Fortunately The Mind Readers is free so if readers read it and don't like the cursing they don't have to spend money on the second book.

I will not change my book to accommodate a person or religion. Even if I wanted to there's no way we can accommodate everyone and we shouldn't have to try. But I can and will put in the blurb that there is minor cursing, that way people know ahead of time.

Hope you understand, and I do thank you for your email and your concern.

P.S. The woman I actually wrote this email for never got it because her email bounced, which reminds me to remind you guys to make sure you type in your email correctly if you want a response! I get quite a few emails that bounce back. If you don't hear back from me, please feel free to email me again. If you don't hear from me again, then that means I'm probably ignoring you :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

An Exhausting Month

I've gotten a lot of emails lately. So many that I seriously need an assistant to keep up! Most are for The Mind Readers series. I'm trying desperately to respond to them all, but please forgive me if I miss one. This month has been ridiculously busy.

Not only am I trying to write (of course), but my son has been sick almost nonstop. First it was a vomiting illness that I was lucky enough to get as well. Then he got a spider bite and had a reaction (had to be put on meds). And now he's getting over a cough and pneumonia. Seriously, this has all happened in one month.

If you read my blog you know our dog Jack died a little over a month ago. Well, this morning our cat died too :( Hasn't been a good year for pets in our household. Our cat's name was Nealy. We'd gotten her from my husband's coworker who could no longer care for her because her daughter was allergic to cats. She was such a sweet cat. The first two years she lived with us she refused to come down the stairs because she was terrified of our dog.

Funny enough one day we returned home and Nealy was sleeping next to Jack. It was the only time I'd ever seen her next to him, but it made me wonder if her disgust with the dog was all an act. We were fortunate enough to get a picture. In the last year she transferred her disgust to her our new cat, Cookie. Cookie came here a year ago acquiring two instant friends. Well, one friend (Jack) and one frenemy (Nealy). Now its only him.

Anyway, I wanted to apologize in case I've been mia, and wanted to explain why I might not have replied to your emails. I promise I'll try to get to them and if I don't and you have any questions, please feel free to contact me again! And just to let you know, sometimes when I do respond the emails bounce back, so make sure you type the addy correctly.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mind Readers 3

I've gotten a lot of emails asking when the third book in the Mind Readers trilogy will be released... I'm hoping early fall! Yes, it seems far off, but hey, its sooner than the time period between book 1 and 2! lol.

As for the title...

My cousin Aaron (yes, I named evil Aaron from book 1 and 2 after him :) mentioned a title that really fit right. Only problem was that it sounded very similar to another YA that is very popular right now. I didn't want people to feel as if I'd copied. But he hasn't been the only one to like the title or suggest it. All of my writer friends think I should use it. So they've talked me into it. Are you ready? The third book will be called....

The Mind Games!

Yes, I'm sure you now know which book I'm discussing with the similar title. There are many books titled Mind Games, or The Mind Game, so I don't feel too bad using it. I just couldn't pass it up as it fit so well. Poor Cameron has had so many games played with her mind, how could I not use it? So there you go...

In early fall the third and final book, The Mind Games, will be out!

P.S. You can always go to my Contact Page and send me an email. I'd be happy to contact you when any of my books come out! Just let me know which one you're interested in!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

In The News...

Hi everyone! Hope you're doing well. I have a couple of announcements...

1) The Mind Readers Series...
I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the second book! I was very nervous about it, but so far so good. As you probably know, there will be 3 books in all. I'm sure I could go on with the series, but honestly there is another YA I want to start. I have started the third Mind Readers, but it will be awhile before it's out. At least 6 months.

As for my more adult friendly books...

2) Unless you're a writer you probably don't know this, but Amazon has started a few publishing lines. Their romance is called Montlake. A few weeks back I got an offer from them... they wanted to publish book 2 and 3 of my Seduction books (first book: To Seduce an Earl). I was shocked! I had to go with my gut/instincts and say yes. But when you go with a publisher (rather than self publish), you have contracts and deadlines. So the books I'll really be focusing on right now are books 2 and 3 of the Seduction Series.

3) I will be doing a book 2 and 3 of the Night Series, but they have been put on the back burner because of the Amazon contract.

4) There will be no more of the Hunter series. But I do have another couple contemporary paranormals in mind, I just have to find the time to write them!

And last...

I just want to thank everyone who has left comments, emails and reviews for my books. You guys are all so sweet and it really helps me keep going! You don't know how much I appreciate you all!